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Book Release, Guest on Twitter and Radio Leeds - and More!

Well, what an exciting couple of weeks I've had on the writing front! On Tuesday 6th June I was thrilled to be the guest writer on the delightful Emma Finlayson-Palmer's #ukteenchat over on Twitter. Lots of lovely people joined in the chat, to ask questions about the process behind my soon-to-be-released spooky children's book (for ages 7 - 14), Jack Devlin and the Roman Curse. I met old friends and made new ones during that fast-paced hour, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

On Friday 9th June it was release day for my new book and I was privileged to share some of the secrets behind bringing Jack's adventures to the world, through Little Red's Publishing (part of Red Cape Publishing).

I was a guest on the fabulous Gayle Lofthouse's Daytime Show on BBC Radio Leeds. Gayle was a true professional but was also had a super sense of humour, and she made me feel at ease right from the very start. We talked about how the initial idea for Jack Devlin and the Roman Curse came from a visit to a museum, where I saw some genuine curse tablets, inscribed on very thin sheets of lead!

The BBC buildings even have a Dalek in

the Reception area. I resisted the urge to run around shouting: 'Exterminate! Exterminate!' (but only just!) A dream come true!

The team at Radio Leeds has invited me back as a guest, for when my next book comes out, so I'm already busy in the early stages of jotting down ideas for an entirely new story, aimed at the slightly younger age group of 9 and under. it will still be spooky of course - but, as with all my stories, 'scary but safe' and heaps of fun is what I aim for!

To round off a terrific release week, I was invited by the hugely-talented writer, Callum Pearce, who is also the editor-in-chief of House of Loki Publishing - another publisher that I write with and have just submitted a story to for a forthcoming anthology of stories featuring dragons! I was lucky enough to share the success of my new release with the great team of writers at Loki over the weekend, and to have masses of fun into the bargain!

What next? As I mentioned, I've just started sketching out ideas for a new book, with completely new characters, and I think you'll love them. I can't say too much more though because it's all top secret at the moment! I may drop little clues into the blogs to come, before the big reveal when the next book comes out. Speak to you again soon - enjoy the sunshine but stay cool. It's hot, hot, hot outside!

All the best! John.


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