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Local Press, Spooky Skulls and a Teaser of Things To Come!

There has been a lot happening on the writing front and there is a lot more to come, so I will be updating my blog much more frequently. Sorry it's been so long! In August, the local press (Wakefield Express) ran a lovely story about the release of my latest book, Jack Devlin and The Roman Curse. I'll pop a link to it, below, in case you missed it first time round. It was a super-fun interview and the photo session took place in the local graveyard - of course!

I wore my spooky spider web shirt for that, and, I'm sure you'd agree, I looked right at home there in St Cuthbert's graveyard. That's the real life place that I named the churchyard after, in Jack's story.

As well as writing, I love to get out and about in nature and, as a result, I do a lot of walking. I find it's very good for keeping fit, both physically and mentally. It also means I get to see lots of fantastic, interesting places. Earlier this week, one of the places on our walk was the beautiful village of Hickleton, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. St Wilfrid's Church is a fascinating place, not least of all because sealed up inside the lychgate are three human skulls! They are said to be the skulls of a group of sheep-rustlers, believed to have been hung for their crimes in the village's Hangman's Lane before decapitation, with their skulls being displayed to discourage others from committing similar crimes! You might be able to see on the photos, the words inscribed into stone beneath the skulls: 'Today for me, tomorrow for thee.' Well, I certainly won't be rustling sheep any time soon!

And finally, for now... I'm a huge fan of Halloween and Christmas. So, I'll be releasing a new book soon to celebrate the fun and joy of both. I've been working hard writing a collection of spooky stories for children, all set around the Christmas period! I'm about three quarters of the way through, so it won't be long before I'm able to post about more details, including some early title teasers and, of course, a cover reveal!

So, until the next time, enjoy this unique time of year with its gentle colours and falling leaves. Keep reading, keep writing, and keep safe and warm. Speak to you soon!


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